ArtBots is now a company!

We are in full production of our first kit and are excited to be part of the Maker Shed.

Click here for Maker Shed.

We wanted translucent colors for the body and legs and chose blue for the first production run.

The Sharpies are just for the photographs, kinda dangerous if your not careful but great for permanent art!

Here is one of the new kits, the blue spinbot on the paper at makerfaire.

How it all started…

Leaving this up for background info on Art Bot Toys

Artbots is robotics workshop for seven to nine year-olds I teach at various museums and schools in San Francisco Bay Area. The workshop allows kids to make there own robots out of found objects and a few specialized pieces.  We learn about batteries, motors, LEDs and wires creating kinetic gizmos and roving vehicles.  It is a lot of fun and the kids are always impressing me with the designs they come up with.  Click on the link to see a slide show of some of the stuff we build.

    ArtBots Photos